Meet The Southern Blenders

A Georgian from Venezuela meets a Floridian from Oregon?!?! Huh What???  Yes that happened!!  Here is the story how these two southern ladies who came from completely opposite parts of the world to blend their love for style, decor, food, PAINT, power tools, and most of all finding a way to blend their talents and business sense to create something extraordinary!

Get to know us…


Meet Maria

Maria A. Revollo, was born in Caracas-Venezuela and is a talented artist and interior designer, under her design business M&B Furniture Decor (Formally ML Furniture Decor). She studied interior design, marketing and advertising in Venezuela. Her experiences and international studies in different painting techniques along with her constant updating on the new styles and designs, had given her the opportunity to develop an expertise in the refined art of refinishing and re-purposing furniture, creating a series of painting techniques and furniture designs that today we can find in hundreds of websites about furniture refinishing and home decor. She has over twenty years of experience designing homes of including designing the home of famous personalities from the Latin music field and Sport players. Maria is also mom to 3 amazing daughters and the currently reside in N. Georgia.

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Meet Sarina540549_10150838034721657_2079696155_n

Sarina grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon on a small farm with all her little furry friends. She knew by the 2nd year of High School that there was more to life than small town Oregon and shortly after graduation headed for the big city…NYC!  She spent nearly 3 years in NYC and NJ taking in all that surrounded her, from people to culture to music, and embracing anything that was “different”.  In the late 90’s  she realized it was time to finish college, find a place to start a new life, and start “adulting” a term you will hear her use often.  In 1997 she made the Tampa Bay Area home.  She attended the University of S. Florida and majored in Elementary Education and after college realized she had a passion for finance over teaching and 17 years later has a successful career in personal finance.  But most of all, outside of her career she has another life as a Mom, entrepreneur, business owner, interior designer, writer, art teacher and the list goes on. She is the jack of all trades and would like to say she has mastered them all.  You will get to know some of her crazy ventures here on the blog and on her facebook page and if you want to know more about her innovative paint company “Pixie Dust” here is the “Pixie Dust Story”.

You can find Sarina personally on the following Social Media Outlets

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Memories, by Sarina….

I wish we could say we were on some extravagant vacation in the South America and realized we were destined to be together, but all I can say is one cold December evening in 2014 I got a message on Facebook that said something like “I want your product, how can I order it and when can it be here”…she was referring to Pixie Dust (no not the magical drug from the 1970’s) but the amazing mineral paint additive that brought so many amazing people into my life.  See at the time I had just launched Pixie Dust Paint Company into the market after about a 6 month test run and things were about to get serious!  Since that cold December day (ok it was only like 72 degrees that day..for us that’s chilly) Maria and I have become more than “business acquaintances” we have become personal friends. We talk about everything from family to friends to business ideas.  I’m the brains and she is the creator and together we are a match made in paint heaven.  One common bond we have is the love for painting anything we can and making our homes into our personal masterpieces.  We love trying new products and sharing notes and most of all we enjoy teaching and creating products and sharing it with the world.  What good is knowledge if it’s all kept all to yourself? It’s a true testament on how two people can come together and create something so magical you know it has to be destiny. As they say in the Movies…..the rest is History!