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Southern Blenders Products & How to Guides

Southern Blenders is a Pixie Dust Paint Company sister company owned by Maria Revollo (M&B Furniture Decor) and Sarina Correa (Pixie Dust Paint Company).  Our mission at Southern Blenders is to find new and innovative ways to blend style, life, and decor.  Southern Blenders current line up consists of the following products.
*Southern Blenders Mineral Paint (Bermuda, Hawaiian, and Alaska sets)
*Southern Blenders Gilding Powders (Available in 8 amazing colors)
*Southern Blenders Metallic Paint (Currently Available in 12 colors)
*Southern Blenders Pearly Paste (Currently Available in 4 hyper pigment colors)
We know that our Gilding powders and Metallic Paints are new to our market and industry.  So below are a few things that will help you get comfortable with using our products.
Our Mineral Paint is sold Exclusively by our awesome stockists and made by Pixie Dust Paint Company’s unique blend of mineral based additives that so many have grown to love.  Each kit is designed around a specific technique that is created and taught by Maria Revollo.  This kits were initially designed just for workshops, however over the past year so many have come to love these unique and one of a kind colors that are all used together to create something so magical.  
SB Mineral Paint is a water base paint that is made of chalk, limestone, and clay and is non-toxic and free of all VOC’s.  It can also be used as a paint or glaze.
For Paint Use: Shake Well and Paint!
For Glaze Use: Like most paints use a ratio if 1 part paint to 1 part water!
Clean Up: Water clean up and make sure the cap is always tight.  We made a decision to bottle our paints in non traditional paint bottles to keep paint from being contaminated and to aid in the ability to blend several colors without ever dipping a brush!
Sealants:  Due to the nature of our product, we suggest sealing your project with Pixie Dust Hemp Paste Finishing wax.  If you are needing a sealant that is more durable (i.e. kitchen table) we recommend Minwax Polycrylic.  

When Maria & Sarina were brainstorming one day they both had the idea of creating products that were purely for “enhancing” a project.  We had no idea at the time that we were on to something so grand.  Since that day we have been able to bring to the market 8 amazing colors.  These all natural pigment rich mica and clay powders are easy to use and a little goes a long way!  We like to call them “Eye Shadow” for furniture!  Our Gilding powders are sold b STOCKIST ONLY AT THIS TIME. CLICK HERE to find a stockist near you.  


SB Gilding powders can be used on nearly every surface from metal to wood to painted to stained!  It can also handle just about any sealant from wax to water base polycrylic to an oil base poly. You can use a little on the edges or over an entire drawer, that is up to you!

Here is a quick Video made by one of our super stockists demonstrating how to use the gilding powders…..ENJOY!!!!

Sealants: Sealing your piece can be a little tricky with Gilding powders as there are SO MANY options our there.  Here are some tips to make the most of your powders.

Wax:  Use the powders AFTER waxing.  They will absorb into the wax and make a beautiful finish. You can also mix some of the powder in with your wax for a beautiful shimmering finish.  Of course Pixie Dust Finishing Wax works perfectly for this method!

Water Base Sealers:  You can use the powders BEFORE and/or AFTER.  We suggest doing a tiny little test before.  Some sealers are very thick causing you to “lose” some of the pigments and some of them are very thin giving you an amazing effect.

Oil Base Sealers/Epoxy:  If you want your gilding powders to “float” to the surface creating a 3D like effect, use Epoxy’s for this look.  We have seen some amazing applications and results.  With oil base you want to use your powders FIRST (unless it’s wax).

Cautions:  While these powders are 100% all natural, they are still a powder and powders can go airborne.  DO NOT SHAKE your powders.  If they get a little shook up…let them sit for a few minutes before opening them.  Powders have an endless shelf life unless exposed to moisture.  So please keep them dry!

Clean Up: Wash hands with warm water and soap to remove any reside powders.  To remove from surfaces, vinegar and water (or windex) is the best method and if you want to remove it from a project piece the area will need to be sanded as it will make a permanent bond with the paint/materials.



These ultra high pigment paints are so pretty that they’re guaranteed to make you smile. Paints are available from STOCKISTS ONLY!

In continuing with the idea of creating paint “enhancement products” the SB Metallic paints are made with some of the most beautiful mica’s and pigments available on the market and most of all VOC FREE!!!  These paints can be use alone or with other paints or stains.  They can also be used on hard surfaces such as metal, concrete, stone, and even clay.  Our Metallic paints DO NOT REQUIRE a sealer.  They are durable on their own, however if your project requires a sealer, DON’T worry, our paints can handle anything you put on them!  Wax, water base, oil base, epoxy, etc.  They can be mixed and matched to create new colors and they can also be used as a glaze.  HOWEVER, use caution when watering down your metallic paint as it can cause the mica’s to separate leaving you with dull finish.  If you want to use it as a glaze, we suggest applying it with brush and a squirt bottle with water that will allow you to “MIST” the paint as it’s applied!  Most of all just have fun with them, they were created to make you smile!

Clean Up:  Water clean up, although due to the drying agent used in these paints, they like to STICK!  So you may need a solvent for clean up if you get it somewhere you are not suppose too!  For skin contact, usually just a little soap and a wash cloth will remove it.  But it you are used to painting you know that paint on your hands goes with the territory!

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.  If you would like more information on any of our Pixie Dust/Southern Blender products please contact Sarina at HELLO@PIXIEDUSTPAINTS.COM
If you would like to join in on the creative fun you can find us on Facebook in the most amazing paint group around!  Here is the link……

Southern Blenders Pearly Paste

We are always trying to find ways to change the way you look at the art of up-cycling!  A few months ago we had an idea….what if we took the SB Metallic Paints and mixed them with Pixie Dust Pixie Texture?!? Well the end result was this hyper pigment paste that is helping you take that piece to the next level!  Pearly Paste can be used on wood, metal, fabric, paper and well really just about anything.

Pearly Paste is actually an acrylic base paste. Meaning it has a binder, a colorant, and a sealer all it one. It is also not self leveling, which in paint is great, but in textures not so great as you want your texture to stay in place. We use the same base for both the paints and the paste, it is the top of the line often referred to as the Ferrari of bases. It’s expensive, pure, and filler free. This base allows us to create hyper pigment colors for paints and pastes, while also keeping a VOC free product and it also allows me to use clay base colorants instead of liquid so that our product stays true to color, thick, with even coverage (paint). While there are several pastes on the market, many of them are filled with harsh chemicals, often smell like a nail shop on a Friday afternoon. Also from my experimenting of various other brand paste, there is one thing I noticed…they chip and peel upon curing. I can honestly say that when our paste goes on, it’s not going anywhere and good luck taking it off (which can be an advantage but also a disadvantage). Here is an example of what you can do with the paste, we call this “Gold Leaf”.  The base is copper paste (brushed on smooth) with gold applied on the top and then rolled with a texture roller!  It’s DREAMY!


Clean Up:  This is a water base product and should clean up with water.  However due to the binder it’s also designed to stick.  If you find that you can’t remove it from your hands or the surface you can apply some coconut or hemp oil (or Pixie Dust Hemp Wax) to remove.