Hello Blenders!

I want to talk about something that a lot of new finishers don’t realize and sometimes us old finishers forget.

Personal preparation… 🤷‍♀️
What is that??
Personal Preparation is getting yourself ready to preform your diy tasks, I’m talking safety I’m going to talk lung and eye safety today.

When ever you are sanding a piece whether it’s a full sand or even just light skuffing you should always wear a mask. This includes using sprays and paints etc.!
You wouldn’t lick 🤤 👅 a piece of furniture that is being sanded, painted, or sprayed, would you?
Breathing in those partials is basically the same thing as licking that dust… but a lot worse because it’s going straight to your breathing source! 🤔

How do you prevent this??
You need to wear a tight face fitting mask not those Dollar Store paper masks as those do not give you a good seal around your nose and mouth to prevent those tiny particles from getting in and wreaking havoc on your lungs.

In an ideal world we would all be able to afford fancy respirators but unfortunately that’s not the case although there are nice cost effective options. For example 3M creates a disposable paper mask that is tight fitting to the face and helps keep those particles out of your lungs creating a nice seal. It really doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as you have a good seal around your face!

Also it may sound excessive but when you’re sanding you you should also wear proper eye gear, without your eyes you won’t be able to see and how will you paint furniture or other projects? 
An optometrist and has forewarned me of the dangers of getting dust particles in your eyes. Even the tiniest partial could scratch your eye and lead to a serious infection!

Be safe and well prepared, not only should we prepare our furniture and prep them but we also need to make sure that we are preparing ourselves!

Happy Painting and Creating!

Your Southern Blenders,

Sarina And Maria