Welcome back Southern Blenders, we wanted to start featuring artists, businesses and people who like to craft for a hobby. So whether you are an experienced artist or a just for fun-zies crafter, we want to toot your horn and show you off! We want to thank you and one way we thought of doing this was by hosting a “Feature Friday”. We want to give you, your business or your craft time to shine! Pick u your paint brushes and lets get painting! 

Our first Featured Artist is Courtney Lummus, boy does this gal have talent! We have been lucky enough to watch this young artist grow and produce stunning works of art!  She was kind enough to share with us how she produced this (to die for really!! ) wall art! 

What you will need:

  • 24”x36” rough pallet board
  • 1 x2’s for framing
  • Southern Blenders Bermuda Blending Kit
  • Southern Blenders Metallics in  Blue Reef, Aged Patina, green with envy, violicious, temple gold, and cloud nine. 
  • Southern Blenders Pearly Paste
  • Peacock Stencil by Victoria Larsen
  • Mandela Stencil by Waverly
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Wise owl (slave, metallic wax, gel stain)
  • Mixed media (tacks and glass)
  • Nail gun or hammer and nails

(Difficulty level Medium) 



First start with a 24”x36” rough pallet board. Take Southern Blenders Bermuda Blending paint kit and the red from the Hawaiian blenders kit, blend the blues first (using Maria’s Bermuda Blending Technique), followed by some of the orange.

The red goes on last, right next to the orange, in some places they may mix so it’s a red toned orange. Concentrate the red and orange towards the edges, then take some temple gold and dry brush it on the board in some places to highlight.

Next take a mandala stencil (the one used here is from Waverly) place it on your board, and pounce in the metallics, green with envy and cloud 9. (Placement is up to you, Courtney placed hers in two spots)

Now it’s time to do the bird itself! Place your peacock stencil (the one used here is a Victoria Larsen stencil) then apply Pixie Dust Pearl paste in white and have a little fun with it! After the pearly paste is fully dried and hard, go to town with the metallics!

Courtney used Blue Reef, Aged Patina, green with envy, violicious, temple gold, and cloud nine she even mixed a custom color which she calls Blue Ridge Blue, the whole bird is metallics color wise!

Then glam it up using thumb tacks on the mandalas and some square cut glass pieces on the eyes of the tail. This piece was sealed and finished using the metallic waxes and furniture salve from Wise Owl.

You can also frame it in with some small 1”x2”s which were stained lightly with glazes Java followed by Black Pearl from Wise Owl. Then simply nail gunned all together!

Wow what a stunning project, we love the use of mixed media! 

If you have a project big or small and wish to be featured please visit our Facebook page and send us a message! Want some of these supplies? Check out our vendors


Your Southern Blenders; 

Maria & Sarina