Ever wanted to have that television worthy dining room setup for your fall events?? Have you ever wanted to make it look like you spent tons of money and effort to have that to die for spread? Well we can help with that, we can teach you how to take those blah fall gourds and pumpkins and make them into drool worthy accessories. Right now painted or even stenciled fall vegetable are all the rage, so lets make yours even more beautiful and unique with metallics texture and bling!! 

What you need: 

  • Gourds or pumpkins, (they can be real or fake totally up to you)
  • Southern Blenders Metallic Paints (any colors you desire)
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Faux leaves


If you decide to use real pumpkins and gourds make sure you take a cloth clean and dry them well before starting. We recommend using fake just because you can use them year after year! If you go the fake route you are ready to start painting with no prep needed. 

Choose your favorite color and simply paint it onto the pumpkin/gourd. you may need 2 coats depending on the coverage you would like. 

While your pumpkin/gourd is drying you can take your faux leaves and paint them in another metallic color for contrast or you can paint it the same as the pumpkin/gourd. Make sure to paint both sides. 

Once both pumpkin/gourd and leaves have fully dried, simply attach the leaves to the top of the pumpkin/gourd with hot glue. you can make the foliage as full as you would like.

Optional: Once your pumpkin/gourd is dry you can either add texture with our Pearly Paste and a stencil, or you can add a contrast color of metallics with your chosen stencil. Another fun thing you can try is to add a letter or shape using hot glue and craft jewels! 

Southern Blenders Metallics

Happy Autumn Blenders! 

Your Southern Blenders, 

Sarina & Maria