Bermuda Blending just got bigger!! You have seen it on Facebook, you have seen it on Pintrest and it has been featured on DIY Blogs! Now you are going to see it on television!!! Say what??? That’s right, Maria Revollo’s technique is hitting your television screen!

Tuesday October 10th at 10am Maria’s Beautiful Bermuda Blending will be featured on the Rachael Ray show, as part of their DIY Segment! How exciting is that, we are so excited and proud of Maria! So make sure to watch it or set your DVR’s because you don’t want to miss it!!

Want to be a part of the trend that is sweeping the DIY world? Southern Blenders has the EXACT colors Maria uses to achieve this look! We sell them exclusively through our suppliers throughout the USA and Canada. You can find them “here

Unsure of how to go about getting this look? We have a virtual class for that!! We have hours worth of videos and you also have access to to a private group where both Maria and Sarina can help you blend, blend, blend! You can find that “here” We are also taking Bermuda Blending and changing it up just a little to give you Bermuda Blending 2.0! This can be learned in person “here” or live virtually “here“!!!

If you want a WOW piece of functional art in your home look no further than Bermuda Blending!!


Your Southern Blenders,

Sarina & Maria