Hello Blenders, Today we would love to share with you a form of art called “Fluid or Flow Art”. What is it, you might ask? It is a style of abstract painting that flows paints and other mixed media in a more fluid form without sacrificing color, say what???  We wanted to bring in a talented artist to showcase this art form to you as well show you that you can use some of our awesome products to do so! We asked the talented Pamela Bates to show you how easy and fun it is to create wall art for your home!!

What you need:

  • Bermuda Blenders Paints (here)
  • Unicorn SPiT
  • Pixie Texture (here)
  • Chefs torch or small butane torch
  • Canvas
  • Silicon (WD-40 or treadmill lubricant)
  • Toss away cups (dixie cups ect)
  • Water


Good afternoon, My name is Pamela Bates, and I’ve been asked to share a technique with you awesome blenders! How cool is that?! I’ve used the Bermuda Blending paints, Unicorn spit, and Pixie Texture powder on my canvas paintings and have had excellent results. I love the flow with the pixie texture powder! It added another dimension that I wasn’t getting in my paintings before.

I used tiny Dixie cups and mixed 1/2 teaspoon pixie texture powder, unicorn spit a few drops of water, 2 drops of silicone and stir.

The Bermuda Blending paint (BB Bermuda 1 & 2) each color I used 1/2 Dixie cup full of BB of each color in different cups, with 1/2 teaspoon pixie texture, then added a few drops of water in each paint color.

Stir to mix the texture powder & water to desired texture. Add a couple of drops of silicone, VOILA…

After you pour your paints onto your canvas or furniture, go over your item with the butane torch. This eliminates any air bubbles and helps create paint cells. You can layer the paints on top of one another and pour onto your canvas. Tilt your canvas in the direction you want the paints to flow, and watch the magic appear! The pixie texture lasts forever! I’ve also used this recipe on small furniture (tv trays, etc) There are a lot of instructional videos of acrylic pouring on YouTube. However, none that I’ve found with the added pixie texture, unicorn spit and Bermuda Blending mineral paints. 


Thank you so much Pamela for sharing your talents and how too’s! 

Your Southern Blenders 

Sarina & Maria