What is Bermuda 2.0??? Well Friends I wasn’t kidding when I said “It’s Gonna be Huge”.
We are now well acquainted with the ORIGINAL Bermuda Blending technique created by interior designer Maria Revollo. Using custom blends of blues, greens, orange and metallics she created an out of the box finish that we all covet. Southern Blenders brought you over 6 hours of instructional material with 1 on 1 help in our virtual class and created the EXACT colors Maria uses to create this unique style.

With that said Bermuda Blending 2.0 is going to take this technique not one but like 10 steps further, it is going to teach you how to use a plethora of mixed media to take your BB and turn it into BB 2.0.
Using our Custom Paints, Metallics, Gilding Powders, and our NEW Pearly Paste! If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we have not one, but two ways to get in on the action.

Live in Person “HERE

Live online course “HERE

All of the details on these two special classes are available following the links!

We would love for you to join us, as always

Your Southern Blenders

Maria & Sarina