Keep the pearls let me have those shells! Our newest featured artist shows us how we can turn those otherwise tossed oyster shells into pearls of their own!! Paula at Sweet Spitunias was kind enough to share how she turned this “trash” into TREASURE!

You’ll Need: 

  • Oyster shells
  • Necklace Chain
  • Craft pearls
  • Southern Blenders Metallic Paints here
  • Dremel tool with a small drill bit
  • E6000 glue or equivalent 

First you are going to clean them by placing in water with small amount of bleach, then dry them.

Drill holes on sides to place chain. She used a small dremel tool with a drill bit to drill the holes.

Paint both sides with Southern Blenders metallic paints in any color that you choose, best part is there is no need to seal!

When dry, thread a small chain through one side, add pearl and thread through other side of the shell. If the pearl does not have a large enough hole, it can be glued onto the back of the shell very easily with E6000 glue.

What and awesome and fun way to upcycle those shells! Thank you so much for sharing this great idea Sweet Spitunias

Your Southern Blenders,

Maria & Sarina