Mandalas are all the craze right now and it is easy to see why! Look at this incredible wall art crafted by Cindi at Sweet Spitunias! She was kind enough to share how she made this beautiful wall art that we get to share with you!


  • Unicorn SPiT (Purple Hill Majesty, White-ning)
  • Southern Blenders Metallics  (Violisous and Cloud 9.) here”
  • 4 Canvases (12 inch size)
  • Cutting Edge Stencil (Passion Mandala) “here”
  • Spray Sealer
  • Spray Stencil Adhesive
  • Brushes


She used 4 12 inch canvases turned them over and taped them together, then flipped them back over.

First she used Unicorn SPiT in Purple Hill and White-Ning blended them in a circular fashion. Let dry (Unicorn SPiT drys to a chalky finish) then lightly sprayed with a sealer.

For the Mandala she used a Cutting Edge Stencils “Passion Mandala”.  Spraying the stencil adhesive over the back of the stencil, then centered and placed it on the painted canvases. She then wanted to create an Ombre effect by mixing different amounts of Southern Blenders Violisous and Cloud 9. Starting with straight Violisous on the outside edge and ending up with straight Cloud 9 in the middle.

Once she achieved the look she wanted she simply removed the stencil and the tape on the back. Simply breathtaking, thank you for sharing Sweet Spitunias!

Your Southern Blenders;

Maria & Sarina