Rustic Wooden Mandala Wall Art


We all want that wall art that everyone envy’s and asks, “Where did you get that!!” Now you can get that beautiful wall art without the huge price tag and you can have bragging rights when you say “I made that!”


  For the board I asked my husband to build a 40″ x 40″ sized board with some of the wood pieces we had from past projects.


  I wanted a rustic kind of weathered finishing for the base but with some blue color mixed in there.


        Materials you will need:

         Unicorn SPiT Stains:

  • Gray (Weathered Daydream)
  • Black (Midnight Blackness)
  • Brown (Squirrel)
  • Blue (Blue Thunder)
  • Assorted materials:
  • Assorted Brushes / Spatula
  • Mandala Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils
  • Sea Sponge
  • Paint mediums from Artisan Enhancements:
  • Fine Stone
  • VP Antico
  • Clear Finish
  • Southern Blenders Metallics:
  • Teal blue (Reef Blue)
  • Copper (Copper Nails)
  • Light green (Aged Patina)
  • Gold (Gold Temple)
  • Gilding Powders:
  • Green (Emerald Dust)
  • Copper (Burnt Gold)
  • Gold (Sunshine Gold)
  •  (Here is a link to find a retailer near you or to purchase Southern Blenders online)


 Let’s start blending all the Unicorn SPiT colors diluted with a little water. Just wet brush before adding each color. Be Careful not over blend your SPiT as this will result in a muddy appearance .



It will dry pretty fast to a chalky finish (Don’t worry once it is sealed that color will again POP!).

Center your stencil measuring your board. This is a 36″ stencil that comes in half. So let’s start with the first half!


Using your paint mediums from Artisan Enhancements VP Antico and Fine Stone and with the help of a spatula or this wonderful color shaper, apply a thin or thick coat of each product in different areas until your fill the stencil. Let it dry and then repeat the same process on the other half.

 After you finished both sides let the board dry….

 Now that it is dry, put the stencil back on the first half that is now dried, matching back the stencil with the design already done. Add your Southern Blenders metallics with a small brush (One brush for each color) doing a tapping movement, again same process on the other half.

You are almost done!

Now with Southern Blenders metallic gold paint and a natural sea wool sponge tap the gold paint all over the board even on the stenciled areas.


Wait about an hour before sealing the board, I used the Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish for a little shine.



Once dry you are all done and ready to display this beautiful custom piece of art in your home!

Your Southern Blenders,

Maria and Sarina!