Do you love the look of crust old metal, but you don’t have 50 years to wait for it to happen?!?  We have the most perfect DIY that will just take a few hours and not a few years!  We call it “Pixie Crust”….so CUTE!!!!  A little bit of Pixie Dust Paint Comapny’s “Pixie Texture” and some household ingredients and you are good to go!  Here is the recipe!

Step By Step Video…..

Step #1 Make your “Pixie Crust” as indicated above!

Step #2 Paint the Crust on your project!  We used a ceramic flower pot!

Step #3 Select your paint colors.  We used the following metallic paint colors by Southern Blenders (Here is a link to find a retailer near you or to purchase online):

*Southern Blenders Copper Nails

*Southern Blenders Hawaiian Blue (coming in April)

*Southern Blenders Black Dragon

*Southern Blenders Minty (coming in April)

Step #4

Add some Southern Blenders Metallic Gilding powder as they add a little bit of that aged metal look!

Step 5: Seal it with a spray Poly or Polycrylic.  You can use Satin or Gloss and most of all enjoy your creation.  When it comes to Patina there is no right or wrong way to do it!!!