Dumpster diving 2.0!  It’s no secret that I love taking junk that people throw away and making into something…well not so junky!  I also find myself getting mad at people every time I find something “good”, I know you have probably said it as well “Why would someone throw this away?”….well they threw it away because people like me NEED to rescue it!  One Friday afternoon I was taking the trash out at the office and there it was tucked away in the corner, a junky old beat up office bamboo mat.  Of course I rolled it out and it was a little tattered but nothing I can’t fix with some bleach, E6000, and some paint (or stain in this case).  So home my new rug went!  Good thing about office finds…they don’t smell like dogs, cats, or smoke!  Only down side of hauling a giant rug home in a VW is your son saying “OMG MOM CAN’T YOU JUST BUY STUFF LIKE AT THE STORE”….yes I can but that would be wasteful!  I know that when I showed Maria the rug the look of horror on her face (much like my son Sebastian) and I know for sure she was thinking “This Chica is Loca”, we have already established that I’m crazy so lets get on with this tutorial!!!

I knew that this rug needed something besides paint!  It needed warmth, texture, and most of all style.  After all, these rugs were in 20 years ago and I’m pretty sure the blonde wood has never been “in”!  About a week before our Alaskan Blending Workshop weekend we were contacted by Cutting Edge Stencils and they wanted to provide us a couple of stencils for our projects that weekend and for our students to use, ummm YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!  (Ohh and a giveaway too…but you have to suffer through this post to enter).  Maria and I picked out the “Large Gabi” stencil with this rug in mind!  This stencil was awesome, big and exactly what I needed!  So let’s get some pictures going here…

Step One:  Come up with 15 makeover ideas and pick one!  I decided to stain this rug, as it would be quick, pretty, and flexible!

Step 2:  Make any repairs you need.  You can see a few bamboo pieces lifting up and I glued them down with E6000.  Ohh and COVER THE FLOOR under the rug with something that can handle oil from the stain.  I used cellophane that I had laying around!  Reuse..Recycle…. Right???

Step:  3 Brush on your stain.  We are using Minwax (Dark Walnut), if you are doing this inside, open a door, it’s a little stinky!  After you brush one, allow it to sit and penetrate the wood (15-20 mins) and then wipe off the excess! Also take note that with OIL BASE stains you will need a brush that can handle the oil.  Natural bristle brushes are your best bet!


Step 4:  Stand up and rub the bamboo marks out of your knees and admire your work…(you can also see the sun has come up…I started this project at 6am as I couldn’t sleep….which is no surprise to anyone reading this…)


You want to try and find your center point.  It helps if your rug is exactly the size it should be but it would be my luck that one end was 1/2″ wider than the other!  URGG!  I just used basic white latex paint and to apply the paint I used the brush that Cutting Edge sent!  It worked really WELL!

And the results were AHHHMAZING!!!!

Thanks Cutting Edge for being part of our workshop weekend and for your amazing stencils that allow Maria and I to think outside the box! Stencils are not just for walls, at least around here!!  So I know you are waiting for the……

Guess what??? You have a chance to WIN…WIN…WIN a $50 Gift Certificate from Cutting Edge Stencils and it’s quite easy to enter..

Step #1:  Visit Cutting Edge Stencil

Step #2:  Find your most favorite stencil that you have used or that you would like to win…

Step #3: In the comments below tell us how you used (or will use) the stencil and provide the link from their website…

Step #4:  We will take all the names of the entries and do a random name generator drawing at Noon (est) on VALENTINES DAY 2017!!!!


Thanks for reading our blog…

Peace, Love, & Pixie Dust