A quick makeover by Maria Revollo……

(First of all, this is NOT a sponsored post!  These are actual products that we use day in and day out in most of our projects. If you are interested in having us try one of your products in our projects please contact us at southernblenders@gmail.com)

Because it’s Saturday and I don’t have much to do, so I just had to refinish my kitchen table…..

Items/Materials used for this makeover…

*Kitchen Table
*Aging was done with UnicornSPiT in White Ning
*Stencil with Pixie Texture and white paint
*Metallic accents
*Pearl accents..

I refinished my kitchen table about (2) years ago, it was all honey wood color (Yuck!), and here are 3 easy steps that I always use to redo most of my pieces, especially this table!

STEP 1: I sanded off the honey color paint on the top of the table completely until I got the bear wood.

STEP 2: Then I stained the top in Dark walnut and English walnut minwax colors, blending both colors for a more realistic wood finish.

STEP 3: Using my signature antiquing technique I refinished the legs in white, brown and grey flat finish color paints (custom mixes using Pixie Dust and some sample paints).

Ok about 2 years has passed….

So, my husband was working in the the kitchen fixing some light fixtures that’s when I decided that instead of keeping him company just watching him working, I just looked for my tools and started working too but on my kitchen table.

I grabbed my sanding block of 60 grit and my metal brush and started in only one side to side direction, making a little pressure and with a firm strokes, sanding the top..
Then with the metal brush I did the same process to kind of like open little marks on the wood for the white paint color to get inside the wood top..

2.- With my Unicornspit stain in White Ning color and using a big dry brush, I went in the direction of the wood grain marks I just did and dry brushed the white stain to get the highlights of aged wood.

Now it’s Stencil time!
I ordered the Mandala stencil online few weeks ago from CUTTING EDGE STENCILS, it’s a 36″ diameter and that is perfect for almost any dining table and it’s so pretty!!!
Once the Table top is fairly dry,  I centered my stencil and taped with painters tape ( Just enough tape for the stencil not to move). Don’t tape the whole thing, you don’t want the paint on your table to come off since it’s not sealed yet. Remember in my case I just had to do the dry brushing of the UnicorSPiT as My table was refinished 2 years ago!

My husband helped me with the mixture for the stencil!  I wanted a raised, texture like appearance to my stencil!  So I used white flat finish latex paint and Pixie Dust Paint Company “Pixie Texture”.  

You want a mix similar to the pancake batter, Pixie Dust has a tutorial on how to use and mix the Texture and that can be seen here! 

I also grabbed some metallic paint in bronze color and white pearl color paint I bought at Hobby lobby and had it in my workshop. Get your round brush and start tapping the paint with just a little paint on your brush. In stenciling LESS IS BETTER for a crispy image outcome. (You will need to go over the same areas a few times again depending on how would you like it).
I actually alternated the mixed white paint and pearl paint blending both on my stencil, and few touches of metallic bronze to get some character.

20 minutes later… It’s Done!! I let everything dry for about 30 minutes (the texture dries super fast) and then sealed with 2 coats of  Clear Satin finishing Polycrylic. (One coat and 4 hours later my second coat).   The table will be ready for use in about 3 days to make sure it is completely cured!

We all love it and most of all we enjoy it day in and day out!!!

Thank you for following along my tutorial!
Maria A Revollo, Southern Blenders
M&B Furniture Decor ❤️️
Interior Designer
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